Yellow Lentil Soup — 6.5
curry leaf, mustard seeds, labne

Gazpacho — 4.5
tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, olive oil


available noon - 4pm

Market Vegetable — 5

Grilled Lamb Burger — 15
grilled red onions, feta cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles & tahini, fries & salad

Creamy Tagliatelle — 12
fresh pasta, English peas, ham, mint, egg yolk

Agnolotti Bolognese — 12
cheese filled pasta, classic meat sauce, stracciatella


available after 5pm

Market Vegetable — 5

Crispy Cauliflower — 11
spicy tempura, harissa aioli

Chicken Kebab — 13
marinated in yogurt, served with red cabbage slaw & golden yogurt

Grilled Prawns — 16
head on prawns, creamy shellfish curry, cous cous, sumac onions

Green Fish Curry — 19
Market fish, cilantro, ginger, coconut milk, yellow rice & crispy onions

Lamb Shank — 19
braised with black cardamom & mace, served with wheat berries, dried cranberries, $ grilled broccoli rabe

Menu Subject to Change Due to Availability of Ingredients